Prepare Your Online Store for the 2020 Holiday Season

How to Prepare Your Online Store for the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season should be one of the most profitable times of the year for your online store.  But there’s no doubt about it, holiday shopping will look different in 2020. Get ahead of the curve and prepare now for a new kind of holiday shopping. 

Improve Shipping & Deliveries

Almost a year after the country first shut down for COVID-19, retailers are still dealing with its impact on the supply chain. Delays in shipping and stocks selling out are common. Some of this is out of your control, but pieces of it can be improved with an advanced dispatching solution. Optimize routes and your delivery workflow to get purchases into the hands of customers faster. Consider offering free or discounted shipping for bulk orders, new customers or promotions to give a sales boost and remind customers that December 21st is the last day for Ups Next Day Air and USPS Priority Express mail to be delivered by Christmas. 

Streamline The Buying Process

After doing the hard work of marketing and bringing customers to your site, the last thing you want is for them to click off before they buy. Make the buying process as easy as possible. Your Logicblock site is already designed to help you make sales; all you need to do is take advantage of it. Get creative. Use a chatbot service to engage customers or cart abandonment recovery software to make additional sales. 

Replace One Day Sales With Season Long Discounts

This year’s theme is to extend the buying period instead of the usually larger, one-day sales event. Many retailers are treating Black Friday as a month-long sale, for example. Instead of cramming it all into one day or week, longer sales periods will help to offset COVID delays and system overloads. 

Offer Multiple Payment Options 

Due to fears of crowds and the ongoing pandemic, customers are buying online more now than ever before. But they still expect the same conveniences as shopping in stores. Offering additional payment methods, such as Paypal, gives the customers more flexibility encouraging them to spend more. 

Use Google Search Console  

Google search console is a free tool to help you improve SEO, driving more customers to your site and increasing sales. You can see data for how many visitors come to your site, what products they look at and when they convert into customers. Watch for bounce rates that show site visitors who leave quickly, before making a purchase or viewing other pages. 

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly 

Offer shoppers the convenience they crave with an easy to use, mobile friendly website. Many holiday shoppers buy in the moment, wherever they are, from a mobile device. If you’re already a Logicblock customer, we have good news: all our sites are automatically mobile friendly. If you’re experiencing issues or have questions about your site’s mobile status, submit a ticket request to Logicblock and we’ll troubleshoot it together. 

Connect With & Engage Customers 

It’s not enough to offer great pricing and products for the holidays if your customers don’t know about them. This is the perfect opportunity to re-establish communication with existing customers or spend time engaging new ones. Logicblock offers users multiple ways to connect with customers. It’s easy to use third party services, such as Mailchimp, to email promotions or a connected social media app (FWB, for example) to blast your company through all available channels. Offer a loyalty program that can be set up and managed on your Logicblock site to encourage new and existing users to keep coming back long after the holidays are over. 

You’ve already made the smart choice of trusting Logicblock with your online store. All you need to do is tweak it slightly to get the most out of this holiday season. 

Not a Logicblock customer yet? See how Logicblock can help you create a secure and profitable eCommerce site. 

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Logicblock Partner Spotlight: Elite EXTRA

Logicblock Partner Spotlight: Elite EXTRA

Delivery Challenges Solved with Advanced Dispatch Technology

Connecting with Logicblock, a robust and leading eCommerce technology solution, has allowed you to easily accept orders from customers, handle back-end operations, and create an easy buying environment for your customers.  

Now it’s time to get the product into the hands of your customers quickly and efficiently.   

Advanced dispatch technology can help you:  

  • Optimize route builds 
  • Dispatch to in-house drivers or crowd-sourced fleets 
  • Track drivers and deliveries in real-time 
  • Provide customers with ETA alerts via text and email along the way   

Choosing Advanced Dispatching Software 

 In today’s competitive environment, teaming up with the right dispatch partner is more critical than ever. When choosing advanced dispatching software, look for these six must-have features

  1. Find an advanced dispatch solution that fully integrates with your eCommerce platform and ERP or POS systems. This allows for orders to freely flow from orders into the dispatching solution, cutting down on time spent manually entering order information from one platform into another. As a bonus, some top-notch solutions may even be able to pass delivery information like ETA statuses back into your Logicblock eCommerce solution. This allows customers to track their delivery without ever leaving your eCommerce portal, which keeps customers on your eCommerce site longer and more frequently.   
  1. Look for a dispatching partner that can optimize routes to fit your unique needs.  Do your customers require delivery within a promised time window? Do you want to route based on customer priority? Maybe you want to deliver to your furthest customer first, leaving time for pick up’s at other customers on the way back. A true dispatching solution will allow you to both optimize your routes and customize it to your workflow and customer requirements.   
  1. In the midst of the pandemic, contact-free delivery has become critical. Customers have come to not only expect it, but demand it. Like it or not, it’s not going away any time soon. Advanced dispatching solutions offer photo capture through the driver’s mobile application, allowing them to quickly snap a photo upon delivery to show exactly where the product was delivered and the condition it was delivered in.  These photos can then be stored in the advanced dispatching software for easy retrieval. Use the photos to email customers or place them on proof of delivery documents.    
  1. Though a lot has changed this year, driver shortages still remain. Finding the proper delivery channel helps to get deliveries out to customers on-time. One way to complement your existing delivery team is with crowd-sourced fleets. Advanced dispatch can act as a control tower for your deliveries, helping you dispatch to your internal staff or integrating with crowd-sourced fleets such as Lyft, Postmates, and local couriers in your area. The software will compare ETA’s and delivery costs, allowing you to make the final decision with the simple click of a button. This process allows you to make a hotshot delivery when all of your drivers are tied up, or to make a delivery after hours.  
  1. How you communicate with your customers from the time they order until the order is complete and in their hands can make or break your chances at creating a life-long customer. With advanced dispatch solutions, you can easily and automatically send ETA alerts via text or email with real-time information about when the customer can expect their order, along with signatures and photos of the completed delivery.  
  1. Be sure that your dispatching solution is cloud-based.  As we’ve found this year, being able to pick up and work from anywhere is critical.  With a cloud-based solution, all you need is a browser for your dispatcher and a mobile device for your drivers. The cloud-based, SaaS software also allows for regular updates, so your technology can always stay on the cutting-edge.  

If you’re looking for more information on how advanced dispatch technology can take your delivery operations to the next level, Elite EXTRA has you covered.  

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