eCommerce Design Trends for 2020: What’s Going to be Big This Year?

Keeping Up With the Latest eCommerce Trends

As technology keeps advancing, trends in web design will continue to change. 

Trends that are relevant today may be sidelined in favor of new ideas years down the line. On the other hand, an idea that was irrelevant years ago may be the thing that online shoppers are looking for now. This is why you should always be thinking about how you can improve your website’s design

If you know which trends are going to take off, you can give your competitors a run for their money. Ring in the New Year, and check out some of the hottest design trends for eCommerce websites. 

Dark Mode for Mobile

Businessman Holding a Smartphone In His Right Hand

One trend that is expected to take off in 2020 is the application of dark design options. 

Dark mode is an option offered by many digital applications, and gives users the ability to switch the background out for a darker one. Not only is this easier on the eyes, it can also help extend the battery life of mobile devices. With the number of mobile shoppers increasing each year, this can be a handy tool for online sellers. 

Besides offering benefits to users, the darker background can add a sleek design to eCommerce sites, helping them stand out. With these benefits, many businesses are expected to offer dark modes for their digital storefronts. 

Minimalist Design

In 2020, many web designers will be adopting a “less is more” approach when designing eCommerce websites. There will be a large focus on minimalistic design this year, with many designers working to keep things simple for the sake of focusing on the products. Shoppers are getting less patient, so simplifying your website’s design can prove to be beneficial. 

You should see more designers limiting the number of things for shoppers to click on, as well as the number of images being displayed on a given page. Other designers will be employing hidden navigation, which will keep the navigation bar out of view until users need to use it. 

While this may result in a fair amount of white space, this simplification will make navigation easier for your less patient customers. 

Oversized Text & Elements

Woman Shopping Online, With Large Text On the Website

Another trend that is rising in popularity is the use of oversized text and other large elements. Following from the previous point, designers are using large text to keep their website designs simple. Visitors will be presented with large text right off the bat, and they will understand the company’s goals as soon as the page loads. 

Besides being practical, oversized elements are popular because they create bolder web designs. Large opening statements and full-screen videos are eye-catching, so people are bound to remember them. These elements also work well on a wide range of devices, so designers won’t have to worry about something not working on a particular machine. 

As long as they aren’t too overwhelming, oversized elements can help your site stand out among your competitors. 

Motion for Product Images

Woman Wearing White Shirt and Pink Pull Over Shirt

Another trend that will pick up steam in 2020 is the use of motion design and micro animations on product pages.  

Customers cannot physically hold products while shopping online, so getting them to buy particular items can pose a challenge. By incorporating short animations into product pages, you can make them more dynamic and interesting. All while having a better chance of selling people on your wares. 

If you sell clothing, for example, you could create an animation of a model showcasing a new shirt. Animations can also be used to show how cleaning products, like vacuums and mops, operate. When shoppers see the products in action, they feel they can trust the seller more, so expect more companies to use animations when promoting their products. 

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