How Product Photos & Videos Influence Consumer Purchasing

Showing Off Your Product to Consumers

In the business of selling products online, the quality of your product page is a key factor in how well your products perform. While a product’s description will help show what it can do, visuals such and photos and videos also influence shoppers. High quality visuals can directly show shoppers what a product looks like, and if they are impressed with how the product looks they just might buy it.

See why having high quality photos and videos is important, and learn how they directly influence the decisions of online shoppers.

Why Good Photos & Videos Are Beneficial

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Having high quality photos and videos for your products is a necessity for online sellers. Since consumers cannot physically hold a product when shopping online, they can only go off what is presented on the product page. A beautiful photograph of your product can give consumers a good idea of what the product is like, and can influence their decision to buy it. Words can only tell an online shopper so much.

On top of this, videos and photos are easily sharable online, so if someone likes the photos on one of your product pages, they could be shared to other potential buyers. Adding to this, visuals help improve the product page’s overall quality, helping to increase its ranking in popular search engines. Good visuals only benefit online sellers, so having them on your product pages is an absolute necessity.

What Happens Without Good Visuals?

To jump from the previous point, what happens when you do not have good photos or videos on your product page? As mentioned previously, visuals do a much better job of showing off your product than a simple description would. If a product’s photo does not show the item in a good light, consumers may be turned off from purchasing it.

These issues are only elevated if you decide not to have any visuals on your product page. Consumers may like a product’s description, but they might get suspicious if they find out there are no images or videos of the product in question. They might assume you are trying to hide something from them, even if the product itself is top-of-the-line.

It is important to have visuals on your pages, and they need to be of high quality if you want them to positively influence consumers.

Statistics on Product Photos & Videos

Here you can take a look at some specific statistics that show the influence of visuals on a shopper’s decisions. According to JustUno, 93% of consumers consider the visual appearance of a product to be a key factor when making a purchase online. In addition, 59% of senior executives agreed that if a page has both text and a video on it, users will be drawn towards watching the video, according to Digital Information World.

Consumers simply prefer the option to view something visual if they have the option to. According to a 2018 Hubspot survey, 54% of consumers wanted to see more videos from brands they liked. Photos and videos play a major role in whether or not consumers buy particular products, so you need to make sure you show your products off in the best light.

Taking Quality Photos of Products

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Taking high quality photos of your products can be done by following a few simple steps. First, make sure you have a good camera, because the nicer the camera is, the better the pictures will come out. Next, you need good lighting. Consider creating a dedicated lighting setup so you can take professional photographs.

Having a tripod is also handy, since it can help you keep the camera steady as you take the pictures. Finally, try to take your photographs with a white background so nothing distracts from the product itself. With some practice, the quality of your photos will jump up dramatically, and you will be able to entice customers with stunning pictures.

How to Make a Good Product Video

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Incorporating videos is an excellent move for any online seller, since they can show what your products actually do. Making a video is obviously not as easy as taking a picture, but anyone can create pleasing product videos with a little practice. Video cameras work well for creating videos, but if you have a newer smartphone you can use that too. To make a good video, you need to write a strong script that gets across all the important aspects of your product.

Once again, you will need a good lighting setup so you can show off the product effectively. For voiceovers, get someone who can passionately talk about the product in a way consumers will find engaging. Finally, keep your videos short, because if they drag on for too long you might lose the interest of consumers.

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Photos and videos are just two of the elements of a good product page. Want to learn about some of the other key elements?

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Hook, Line & Sinker: Simple Ways to Keep Buyers Engaged

Keeping Customers Engaged During Slower Months

For online sellers, the summer is one of the most challenging periods to get through. The weather tends to be very nice during the summer, which means a lot of people are going to be spending more time outside. Since people are spending more time outside, sales for online retailers tend to slow down during this period. If you want to succeed during a slow sales period you need to take matters into your own hands. Use these tips and tricks to keep customers engaged during the summer and any other slow shopping seasons.

Focus on the Season

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One of the best ways to pick up sales during slow sales months is to focus on selling items that people would want to buy during a particular period of time. During the summer, for example, you can focus on promoting products that people can use during barbeques, beach visits, or any other outdoor activities. By promoting these seasonal products on your store’s homepage you can drive consumer interest during slow shopping seasons.

You can add to this by updating your website to match the season you are currently in. For example, if you use pop-up advertisements on your website you should try to theme them around the current season. If you are trying to sell products during the summer you should write summer-themed social media posts that you can use to promote products you sell on your website.

Try Doing a Contest or Giveaway

Another great way to drive sales during a slow sales period is to host some kind of contest or giveaway. People like to win free things, especially if those things are of high value, so if you are looking for opportunities to grow your brand you should try starting a giveaway. Go over the products you offer and try to offer a good prize that a lot of people would want to have during a specific time of year. Make sure the process of entering the giveaway is simple, and once the giveaway begins you should promote it throughout its entire duration.

Since people will need to give you their email addresses to enter, giveaways allow you to expand your email list. This gives you the chance to develop new leads on customers who may come back to your store in the future. On top of this, a popular giveaway can make you stand out from your competitors during a slow season, and this can get you a lot more traffic.

Offer Value With Small Freebies

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If you are having trouble getting people to shop from you during the summer you should consider offering some free items. Cutting prices during a slow season can be an effective way to drive sales, but this cuts down on your total revenue. If you offer an extra item to someone who spends a certain amount of money you can increase the overall value of each online order. For example, you could throw in a free water bottle for customers during the summer, since people could benefit from using one during a hot day.

One item you can give away that can really help to improve brand awareness is the branded product. These products will feature your company’s logo on them, so when your customers show them off to their friends more people will learn about your store. Offering additional value to your customers is a great way to keep them engaged, especially during a slow sales period.

Design a Rewards Program

It can be difficult to grab new customers when sales are slow, so it might be a good idea to focus on getting your loyal customers to buy more of your wares. One way you can do this is by setting up a rewards program that they can take advantage of. A rewards program can show loyal customers that you appreciate their business, and it can also get them to buy more of your products.

With a rewards program, you can offer customers small rewards when they shop from you multiple times. One of these rewards can be a discount that can be used on any future purchases. You can also offer freebies to customers who have been shopping from you for a long time. A rewards program can help convince your customers stick around for a long time, keeping them engaged with your business. These loyal customers will be immensely helpful when you have trouble acquiring new customers.

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eTail 101: How to Implement Chatbots Onto Your Site

eTail 101: How to Implement Chatbots Onto Your Site

Implementing Chatbots Reaps Major Benefits

One trend that has become increasingly popular in the business of online selling is the implementation of chatbots. These computer programs can communicate with other people via a chat interface, similar to texting on a smartphone. Chatbots are programmed in a way that allows them to find a natural and suitable response to anything you ask them. These programs have existed for decades, but in recent years companies have learned to use them to enhance the online shopping experience.

If you are interested in learning about how these programs benefit online businesses, please continue reading.

How Chatbots Benefit Online Companies

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Chatbots are extremely useful tools in the online space, especially if you run a company that focuses on selling products online. Chatbots are designed to simulate regular conversations with real people, so customers can communicate with a chatbot in a way that feels natural. As a result, chatbots can be assigned different tasks that can make the shopping experience much easier for online shoppers.

To give an example, if customers are having trouble figuring out what they want to buy, they can ask the chatbot for help. After answering a few questions, the chatbot will pull up some recommendations based on the customers’ interests. Since chatbots are able to respond to specific questions, they are also quite effective at handling customer service tasks. These programs are proving to be quite useful for online sellers, so you should consider implementing one if you want to improve your business.

Types of Chatbots

Before you try to implement a chatbot into your website plan it is important that you know about the different kinds that exist. There are two main types of chatbots, the rule-based chatbot that responds to specific commands based on predetermined rules, and the AI chatbot that learns how to respond to a specific customer’s language. The kind of chatbot you should use for your business depends on the specific things you are looking to do.

If you are only trying to have very specific questions answered on your website you would be wise to use a rule-based chatbot. If you need a chatbot that can field more complex questions you should consider using an AI chatbot. In the business of online selling AI chatbots tend to be more effective, since they are able to deal with more complex situations.

Selecting a Good Chatbot

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There are lot of platforms that you can use to create an effective chatbots for your business, so it can be a bit difficult to find one that complements your business. First, you want to make sure that you find a chatbot platform that is able to effectively learn on its own. Typically, the best chatbots are the ones that can learn from your customers on their own, since they will eventually be able to handle more complex tasks as they continue learning.

Another key factor to be aware of when selecting a chatbot is price. A good number of chatbot platforms require a monthly payment to operate, so make sure to keep money in mind when you are searching online. Finally, you have to make sure that you find a chatbot platform that can be quickly and easily deployed, because chatbots are ineffective if they cannot be implemented in a short amount of time.

If you are having trouble finding a good platform, some of the most notable ones currently available include Facebook Messenger and Kayako.

Implementing the Chatbot

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Once you have selected a chatbot platform to work with, all that remains is properly implementing a chatbot into your business plan. Implementing some chatbots requires coding knowledge, so it would be a good idea to hire a programmer if you think you will need one. The first thing you need to do is review your Read more

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