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Dealing with Negativity as an Online Business Owner

  Thursday, June 21, 2012- Logicblock

The web is a funny place. One minute you find real stories of altruism, where strangers band together to help someone they've never met nor will ever meet. Stories of real humanity and compassion, stuff that truly warms your heart.  read full post >>

Summer Selling

  Wednesday, June 06, 2012- Logicblock

There's no doubt about it: we're rapidly approaching summertime. People are headed to the beach, grilling up hot dogs outside... and ready to shop around for good deals! But it's also a traditionally slow retail time, so you have to catch them where they are. The last thing you want to happen is to be excluded from the summertime sales madness. While you may have missed out on several months of preparation, you can still turn it around with a few simple ideas.  read full post >>

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