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Time to Prepare ecommerce for Christmas?

  Wednesday, July 20, 2011- Logicblock

Summertime! While you're out enjoying the sun, the beach, and an ice cold margarita, there's something else that should be in the back of your mind. No, not where the suntan lotion went or how long until the luau, it’s something about your ecommerce store.

That thing is…Christmas? read full post >>

What the California Versus Amazon Fight Means for you

  Thursday, July 07, 2011- Logicblock

The war between states and the Internet has begun! Ok, that might be blowing things out of proportion a bit, but the situation has certainly heated up. The lowdown? Certain states think it's unfair for Internet retailers to operate and sell within their borders but not have to worry about sales tax. A 1992 ruling by the Supreme Court said that retailers can't be expected to collect sales tax unless they physically operate within the state. read full post >>

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