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Last Minute Holiday Questions You are Likely to Encounter

  Monday, December 19, 2011- Logicblock

As the holiday shopping season wraps up and you get ready for the New Year, you're going to encounter certain questions from harried and panicked customers. Everyone will be worried about the status of their order, and it's your job to keep them from going off the deep end! Let’s take a look at some common last minute questions you'll get and what to do about them. read full post >>

5 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Website Super Customer Support Friendly for the Holidays

  Thursday, December 08, 2011- Logicblock

You may have spent all your time building up your website for the holidays, but you may have neglected one part of it – your customer service! Your store can have all the best products in the world but if people have problems ordering and can’t reach you, you’re toast. To help you improve customer service, follow these five tips. read full post >>

It's the Holidays, Time for Your Business to... Relax?

  Monday, December 05, 2011- Logicblock

You've no doubt been bombarded with countless blog posts about how you need to get your business and/or website in order before it's too late. "You're bleeding money!" they all scream, insisting that you stop reading right then and immediately tend to your dying business. read full post >>

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