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What do eCommere sellers do with tax form 1099-K?

  Monday, March 09, 2015- Logicblock

As more and more sellers become multi-channel and multi-payment-type, the world of eCommerce and finance gets more complex. And with more complexity comes - you guessed it - more regulation. The type of regulation I'm talking about today comes in the form of a tax form: the 1099-K for Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions. read full post >>

What do Online Sellers Need to Know about Sales Tax?

  Monday, January 12, 2015- Logicblock

If you sell online in the U.S., then chances are you have to collect and remit sales tax from buyers in your home state. If your business is complex - say you have employees in another state, or use 3rd party logistics or drop shipping - then you may have to collect sales tax from buyers in multiple states. read full post >>

Issues Ecommerce Sellers will Face in 2014

  Thursday, January 02, 2014- Logicblock

Was 2013 a crazy year for your online business? If so, then be prepared to turn the insanity up to 11 in 2014. While that might seem like hyperbole, the ecommerce world (and small business world in general, really) is going to go through some pretty big changes. Here is a small list of some issues you'll have to deal with at some point in the New Year. read full post >>

The Current State of the Marketplace Fairness Act

  Tuesday, May 21, 2013- Logicblock

If you're an online seller, freelancer, or have any interest in Internet rights advocacy you've no doubt heard of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). Talk about it has ramped up considerably over the past few weeks as it winds its way through the legislative branch of our government. However, not everyone knows exactly what the Act is, or how it could potentially change their online business. read full post >>

How to Find and Evaluate an Accountant

  Thursday, March 15, 2012- Logicblock

Finances, especially taxes, can be a huge pain in the rear end of any business owner. As you grow and expand, they just get exponentially more complicated, especially when other employees, benefits, self-employment tax and the other vagaries of growing a business come into play. For an ecommerce company, it can be an even bigger problem, as you have unique issues and concerns to worry about. read full post >>

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