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The Beauty of the Test

  Wednesday, September 25, 2013- Logicblock

You're having some trouble isolating one particular part of your branding. You've come up with a few terrific ideas you think will genuinely rock your customers' minds. However, what's the best one to go with? You don't want to go big on one idea - whether it means designing a new website, printing new fliers, or launching a new social media campaign - only to discover that your customers hate it read full post >>

Choosing Someone or Something to Represent Your Brand

  Tuesday, September 10, 2013- Logicblock

When customers think about your company, what do they picture in their heads? Is there one particular image that reminds them why they should go back and buy more stuff from you? Or maybe it's the smiling face of someone you've hired to represent the company? read full post >>

Pre-Fall Steps to Getting Ready for Black Friday

  Friday, August 30, 2013- Logicblock

There's no sense in starting this blog with the overused "think it's too early to think about the holidays” stuff as you can walk into any store and see all the Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving items put up. Depending on the store (we're looking at you, Hobby Lobby) there may be Christmas items out already! read full post >>

Three Big Tips for Customer Retention

  Friday, August 16, 2013- Logicblock

It's such hard work actually getting customers to come to your shop and spend money that it seems crazy to even consider making them come back. Usually the business owner's thoughts are how to find more people and inspire an even larger crowd to come next time. read full post >>

Be Everywhere: Brand Consistency and your Social Media Accounts

  Wednesday, July 31, 2013- Logicblock

There's something awfully discomforting when you see a company break brand consistency. It's even worse if you've been following them for some time and you feel like you know them somehow. Then, one day, you find them on Twitter and they're acting totally different. It's like if a character on your favorite TV show suddenly turned to the screen and asked you to make her a sandwich. read full post >>

The Holidays are Closer Than You Think

  Friday, July 19, 2013- Logicblock

Do me a favor: cup your hand, put it to your ear, and listen intently. What do you hear? Just off in the distance – what is that? Is it...jingle bells? Sharp, cold winds blowing a snowstorm across town? Eggnog and brandy getting mixed at the company party? read full post >>

Logicblock Launching Mobile Version and Loyalty Points Features

  Tuesday, July 09, 2013- Logicblock

Logicblock Inc. Set to Launch Mobile Version of eCommerce Platform, Loyalty Points Program
Logicblock Inc., a full-service, professional web design firm offering eCommerce solutions to Independent Office Product Dealers, has just announced the upcoming launch of a mobile friendly eCommerce platform and a Loyalty Points. read full post >>

Why Your Business Absolutely Must Have a Mobile Site

  Thursday, July 04, 2013- Logicblock

One of your customers is hanging out at the park having a fun-filled vacation day when they spot a unique dog leash they absolutely have to have. They whip out their phone and head to your online store, knowing you specialize in items like that. read full post >>

What’s in a Company Name?

  Tuesday, June 18, 2013- Logicblock

You and your business partner have come up with the best idea for a business – a smartphone or tablet app that scans food and gives you the ingredients within. It could be huge for foodies and for anyone struggling with a food allergy. It could also potentially turn the fast food industry on its head as they won't be able to hide crazy ingredients or flat out lie. read full post >>

Is Getting Involved with Retail Arbitrage a Good Idea?

  Tuesday, June 04, 2013- Logicblock

You're walking around a local shop admiring all the hand crafted goods when you spot a particular necklace. You stare at it for a minute trying to figure out why you recognize it & suddenly it hits you, you just saw them on eBay for way more money than they're selling them at this shop. read full post >>

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