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Small Business Owner Problems: Staying Focused

  Friday, July 06, 2012- Logicblock

Are you having trouble staying focused day after day while running your business? Every business owner and employee goes through a slump period where it's hard to stay motivated and even sit down at their desk in the morning. No matter how much you love what you do there are days where you think, "I really don't want to do this today!" read full post >>

Dealing with Negativity as an Online Business Owner

  Thursday, June 21, 2012- Logicblock

The web is a funny place. One minute you find real stories of altruism, where strangers band together to help someone they've never met nor will ever meet. Stories of real humanity and compassion, stuff that truly warms your heart.  read full post >>

Summer Selling

  Wednesday, June 06, 2012- Logicblock

There's no doubt about it: we're rapidly approaching summertime. People are headed to the beach, grilling up hot dogs outside... and ready to shop around for good deals! But it's also a traditionally slow retail time, so you have to catch them where they are. The last thing you want to happen is to be excluded from the summertime sales madness. While you may have missed out on several months of preparation, you can still turn it around with a few simple ideas.  read full post >>

How often you should be posting on social media?

  Wednesday, May 30, 2012- Logicblock

If you're new to business social media or restructuring a campaign, you may wonder how many times a day you should actually post on your various sites. Do you blast Twitter all day long and only lightly touch on Facebook? Should you throw pin things on Pinterest like a maniac and maybe Tweet a little? Is there a magic formula to all this? read full post >>

Spring Cleaning Your Ecommerce Store

  Thursday, May 17, 2012- Logicblock

The sun's out, the grass is growing, a gentle breeze is blowing the warm air about - it's finally spring time! It's almost time to think about cleaning up the place, as nobody likes to sit amongst dust bunnies and old mothballs now that the leaves are growing back.  read full post >>

5 Useful Mobile Apps for Online Sellers

  Thursday, April 26, 2012- Logicblock

There are a ton of great software programs that aid you with your online selling career. However, you're not always at your computer, and you probably find yourself staring at your phone more than anything. Luckily, there are a ton of apps that are just as (if not more) useful than the ones on your laptop or desktop. Here are 5 we really love!  read full post >>

An eCommerce Seller’s Tax Time Checklist

  Monday, April 09, 2012- Logicblock

We're almost through the looking glass! That's right, tax time is almost all done and done. But have you finished up everything you were supposed to? Did you get every piece of paperwork filled out and signed? read full post >>

How to Find and Evaluate an Accountant

  Thursday, March 15, 2012- Logicblock

Finances, especially taxes, can be a huge pain in the rear end of any business owner. As you grow and expand, they just get exponentially more complicated, especially when other employees, benefits, self-employment tax and the other vagaries of growing a business come into play. For an ecommerce company, it can be an even bigger problem, as you have unique issues and concerns to worry about. read full post >>

Should You Be Charging Sales Tax?

  Tuesday, March 06, 2012- Logicblock

Taxes are a funny thing. Not your taxes that are soon due to the IRS, but things like sales tax. Sellers have struggled with these numbers for years, as they hardly seem consistent and irritate their customers. Some states even have different sales tax depending on which area of the state you're in. read full post >>

5 Ideas for Your Email Marketing Messages

  Monday, February 20, 2012- Logicblock

So you’ve gotten your email list going. Now what to do? Email your customers and fans, of course! But eventually you may run out of things to say, especially if you’ve been at it a while. But if you plan ahead you’ll no doubt have an endless supply of interesting things to send to your fans. read full post >>

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