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The Holidays are Closer Than You Think

  Friday, July 19, 2013- Logicblock

Do me a favor: cup your hand, put it to your ear, and listen intently. What do you hear? Just off in the distance – what is that? Is it...jingle bells? Sharp, cold winds blowing a snowstorm across town? Eggnog and brandy getting mixed at the company party? read full post >>

Logicblock Launching Mobile Version and Loyalty Points Features

  Tuesday, July 09, 2013- Logicblock

Logicblock Inc. Set to Launch Mobile Version of eCommerce Platform, Loyalty Points Program
Logicblock Inc., a full-service, professional web design firm offering eCommerce solutions to Independent Office Product Dealers, has just announced the upcoming launch of a mobile friendly eCommerce platform and a Loyalty Points. read full post >>

Why Your Business Absolutely Must Have a Mobile Site

  Thursday, July 04, 2013- Logicblock

One of your customers is hanging out at the park having a fun-filled vacation day when they spot a unique dog leash they absolutely have to have. They whip out their phone and head to your online store, knowing you specialize in items like that. read full post >>

What’s in a Company Name?

  Tuesday, June 18, 2013- Logicblock

You and your business partner have come up with the best idea for a business – a smartphone or tablet app that scans food and gives you the ingredients within. It could be huge for foodies and for anyone struggling with a food allergy. It could also potentially turn the fast food industry on its head as they won't be able to hide crazy ingredients or flat out lie. read full post >>

Is Getting Involved with Retail Arbitrage a Good Idea?

  Tuesday, June 04, 2013- Logicblock

You're walking around a local shop admiring all the hand crafted goods when you spot a particular necklace. You stare at it for a minute trying to figure out why you recognize it & suddenly it hits you, you just saw them on eBay for way more money than they're selling them at this shop. read full post >>

The Current State of the Marketplace Fairness Act

  Tuesday, May 21, 2013- Logicblock

If you're an online seller, freelancer, or have any interest in Internet rights advocacy you've no doubt heard of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). Talk about it has ramped up considerably over the past few weeks as it winds its way through the legislative branch of our government. However, not everyone knows exactly what the Act is, or how it could potentially change their online business. read full post >>

If Customers Don’t Find You On Social Media…They’ll Find Your Competitors

  Tuesday, May 07, 2013- Logicblock

Did you know your customers are looking to talk to you right now? At this very moment they’re searching around the Internet trying to find the quickest way to have a chat with their favorite brand: you. The only problem is you’re not exactly making it easy for them. read full post >>

Why Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

  Thursday, April 18, 2013- Logicblock

Think fast: what do you imagine when you hear “Coca Cola?” You likely think of images of people downing soda with condensation dripping down glasses full of the opaque liquid during a hot summer day. Or you think of polar bears and Santa Claus during the cold winter months. read full post >>

Shortening the First Click to Checkout Journey

  Wednesday, March 27, 2013- Logicblock

Your customers don't have time to goof around. They want to click over to your online store, find the items they want and get going. The last thing they want to do is spent time poking around your site trying to figure out where they're supposed to go and why there are so many steps to go through before they checkout. read full post >>

2013 Small Business Trends

  Monday, March 11, 2013- Logicblock

Every year brings new challenges and chances for success for businesses, and 2013 aims to be no different from years past. What will be the big trends for this year? Will we see a move towards more organic based marketing, or will computers take over more than they have now? What types of software will every business owner want to get their hands on this year? Read on below for our predictions! read full post >>

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