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What eCommerce Product Content Attracts The Most Attention?

  Sunday, April 30, 2017- Logicblock
What eCommerce Product Content Attracts The Most Attention?

What eCommerce Product Content do Shoppers Look For?

When you shop online, think about what entices you to buy something. Is it the images used, the video, or the copy? Apply this thinking to your own store and whether your product content is catching the eyes of customers. If you’ve noticed low click through rates when analyzing 7cart reports or other things, it may be time to incorporate some new things onto product detail pages. Here are the top eCommerce product content suggestions.



73 percent of all U.S. adults are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video explaining the product or service, according to a study done by Animoto. There are a few different types of product videos that can aid a customer in their purchasing decision:

  • How To’s: This type of video shows the correct ways to use a product either everyday or in a certain situation. (Example)
  • Product Demo: Product demo’s are a bit more formal and show someone how to use a product step-by-step. (Example)
  • Customer Testimonial: Shows how a product was able to help a customer solve a problem. (Example)
  • Explanation: For products that have possible integrations with software or other things, having videos that explain how something can connect with other solutions might help. (Example)

If you decide to make your own videos, you can easily incorporate them within product pages on 7cart. Click here to learn how you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites onto product pages.

If you want to learn more about the importance of video marketing, click here.


Product Image Selection Examples

There’s a reason why the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” exists. Imagery for product detail pages is almost a given in the eCommerce world, but what does a good product images do for a customer? It allows them to see a product from various vantage points, and even highlight some special features. Ensure that the image is high quality and allows your user to compare and contrast different product lines and options.

Clever Description Copy

Lady Typing on Laptop

Do a spot-check using a product in your online store and imagine you’re shopping for that item. Does the product description entice you to purchase something or answer questions you have about how the product works or functions? If not, it’s time to go back and revise your product description copy. Your description copy is important because it’s often the last thing someone will read to decide whether or not he or she will buy that item. The Kissmetrics Blog has a great article on how to revamp product descriptions to increase conversions on your website.

What Are Some Other Things I Can Do?

While these changes can be made to product detail pages, it’s also important to look at how your customers land on these pages. Take a look on how you’re promoting special occasions with e-mail marketing, social media, blogs, and other places where you publish content.

Here are a few other resources that might help you:

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