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The Beauty of the Test

  Wednesday, September 25, 2013- Logicblock

You're having some trouble isolating one particular part of your branding. You've come up with a few terrific ideas you think will genuinely rock your customers' minds. However, what's the best one to go with? You don't want to go big on one idea - whether it means designing a new website, printing new fliers, or launching a new social media campaign - only to discover that your customers hate it read full post >>

5 Ideas for Your Email Marketing Messages

  Monday, February 20, 2012- Logicblock

So you’ve gotten your email list going. Now what to do? Email your customers and fans, of course! But eventually you may run out of things to say, especially if you’ve been at it a while. But if you plan ahead you’ll no doubt have an endless supply of interesting things to send to your fans. read full post >>

ECommerce Sellers: It is Time To Get Ready for the Holidays! (Yes, You Read that Right)

  Wednesday, April 13, 2011- Logicblock

Sleigh bells are ringing, pocket change is jingling, the holidays are here! Wait, what? We’ve all heard of Christmas in July but Christmas in… April? But if you’re an ecommerce seller, April is the time to start preparing for the holiday season, your most wonderful (and profitable) time of the year. Here are a few things you need to be doing today to get ready for the post-Halloween holiday bonanza: read full post >>

9 Free Courses for eCommerce Professionals

  Wednesday, February 09, 2011- Logicblock

As an ecommerce seller, chances are you know your stuff – buying and selling. But let’s face it, while the principals of brick and mortar commerce have basically stayed the same throughout the years, the world of online commerce changes literally everyday. Ten years ago did you think strange sounding terms like “search engine optimization,” “Pay-per-click” or “Google AdWords” would mean anything to you? read full post >>

10 Tasks eCommerce Sellers Can Outsource

  Wednesday, January 26, 2011- Logicblock

Because we here at Logicblock provide an outsourced product, the 7Cart ecommerce solution, we work with plenty of ecommerce sellers who, due to their size, outsource all or part of their online selling operation. If you’re experiencing growing pains yourself, here’s a handy list of ecommerce store tasks that can be outsourced: read full post >>

Holiday Ecommerce Tips from the Ghost of Christmas Past

  Thursday, October 21, 2010- Logicblock

 read full post >>

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