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How to Offer a Great Experience Beyond Ordering

  Monday, January 15, 2018- Logicblock
How to Offer a Great Experience Beyond Ordering

Make Customers Want to Come Back

Giving your customers an excellent experience is important if you want them to shop with you again in the future. You can make customers happy by simply getting their items delivered on time, but you can do more than that. Going the extra mile for your customers can make them so satisfied that they may want to shop from you again. Below are a few ways you can give your customers a good experience after a transaction is completed.

Personalize Confirmation & Shipping Messages

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One of the easiest things you can do to enhance a customer’s shopping experience is to customize your order confirmation and shipping emails. When an order is made online customers receive two emails, one that lets them know that the order went through, and another that lets them know that the order shipped. There isn’t usually anything special about these emails, but if you give them a personal touch you can get your customers invested in your brand.

Try to make your confirmation emails fun to read by adding some humor or flair to them. Make sure your shipping emails include information about customer service so your customers know how to get help if something goes wrong. You can also use these emails to promote your social media accounts and offer discount codes. Overall, you want to make sure your customers feel invested in your brand when they receive one of these emails.

Send Customers a Gift or Note

Thank You Note

Sending gifts or thank you notes with your products is another great way to improve your customers’ shopping experiences. When you ship out your orders, think about including something extra, like candy, flowers, or a promotional product. Customers only expect to receive what they ordered, so they will be surprised when they get some additional items.

Even something as simple as a thank you note can make your customers feel good about buying something from you. Doing something like this shows your customers that you care about them, and this can leave them with a good impression you and your company.

Make Unboxing Enjoyable

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Opening a package can be quite exciting, so you should think about trying to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers. Many companies send their products in generic packages, which can be a little underwhelming for some customers. There are people who like to share unboxings in online videos, so if you make your packages feel special you could reach out to a huge market.

Custom packaging can be a little costly, but using it can help give your orders a personal touch that will make you stand out from the competitors. When you are putting your products into a box try to set them up in an orderly fashion, and do not just toss everything in haphazardly. Try to include some discount offers, as this might convince customers to shop with you again.

Send a Follow-Up Email

After you complete an order, you should send a follow-up email after your customer has had the chance to use your product. According to Remarkety, good follow-up emails can convince 10% of your customers to make another purchase. By following up with your customers, you have the chance to get them reinvested in your brand, which may convince them come back to your store.

Generally, it is a good idea to send a follow-up email within the same month the purchase was originally made. In the email, thank your customers for purchasing your products, and convince them to write a review for your website if they liked what they bought. This keeps current customers invested in your brand, and helps make your website more enticing for new customers.


Offer your online visitors a fantastic shopping experience and you just might find yourself with a few regular customers.

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