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The Dangers of Sitting (And what eCommerce Sellers Can Do About Them)

  Tuesday, March 24, 2015- Logicblock

Growing up, we always heard from our parents to get up, stop watching TV and go outside. Go play or do something active. Most of the time, we figured they just wanted us out of their hair, however, a recent study shows that they were instilling good habits that could save your life.  read full post >>

What do eCommere sellers do with tax form 1099-K?

  Monday, March 09, 2015- Logicblock

As more and more sellers become multi-channel and multi-payment-type, the world of eCommerce and finance gets more complex. And with more complexity comes - you guessed it - more regulation. The type of regulation I'm talking about today comes in the form of a tax form: the 1099-K for Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions. read full post >>

Logicblock and OPSoftware Align to Expand Dealer Technology Options

  Saturday, February 28, 2015- Logicblock

Logicblock Inc. and OPSoftware, LLC have joined forces to significantly expand the independent reseller’s technology choices. read full post >>

How Helping a Reporter Can Help Your eCommerce Store

  Sunday, February 15, 2015- Logicblock

Have you ever seen your competitor or another similar online store quoted in a newspaper, magazine or online and wondered "How'd they do that?" read full post >>

What do Online Sellers Need to Know about Sales Tax?

  Monday, January 12, 2015- Logicblock

If you sell online in the U.S., then chances are you have to collect and remit sales tax from buyers in your home state. If your business is complex - say you have employees in another state, or use 3rd party logistics or drop shipping - then you may have to collect sales tax from buyers in multiple states. read full post >>

10 New Year's Resolutions for Online Sellers

  Monday, December 29, 2014- Logicblock

The New Year is almost a time of hope and promise. For business owners, this usually means taking a hard look at the business and setting some goals for the year. For that reason, we put together a few common New Year's resolutions for online sellers. read full post >>

What the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Numbers Mean for Your Online Store

  Thursday, December 11, 2014- Logicblock

You may have seen headlines that Black Friday - which is now essentially the collective name for the weekend of shopping encompassing Thanksgiving and the weekend beyond - is losing it's luster. But eCommerce sellers didn't think so. In fact, some of the bleak headlines seem to be more hyperbole than fact. Let's break down what we know from reports so far: read full post >>

A New Start for a New Year

  Sunday, November 30, 2014- Logicblock

During the year you try to keep your head down. You're selling like crazy, making money, and barely have any time to breathe much less try new things. However, there comes a time when you should consider trying a new approach to your business. Otherwise, things could become stale and your buyers may dry up. read full post >>

How to Take Advantage of the Three Major Holiday Shopping Events

  Monday, November 10, 2014- Logicblock

The holidays have always been crazy for sellers but the last few years have amped up the nuttiness tenfold. That's because instead of just Black Friday there are two more holiday sales events every year: Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. Rather than just being minor copycats, the two "new" sales days are threatening to take Black Friday's spot as the big game in town. read full post >>

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Think About the New Year

  Wednesday, October 29, 2014- Logicblock

The holidays are coming up, so you're probably busy figuring out how you're going to handle the crazy time about to hit your store. So the thought of figuring out what your plans are for 2015 is probably entirely too much to consider right now. Between making or sourcing new products, figuring out shipping, and coming up with a holiday themed website redesign, you just don't have the time.

However, there are several reasons why you absolutely should think about the future. 2015 isn't that far off and you want to hit the ground running. While holiday sales are super important, you don't want to limp into the New Year with no idea what to do and how to approach your customer base.  read full post >>

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