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Get Found in Search Engines

Normally, when an online store website is built, each product isn't given its own URL, or web address. However with 7Cart software, the opposite is true: each product is given its own totally customizable web address.

Why do we do this? In short: search engine optimization. When potential customers search for the products you sell, you want them to find what they want at your store. With search engine optimization, the chances of your product getting picked up Google or other search engines increases.

This works by literally "getting the word out" on these search engines. If someone searches for "power saw" and your store only had one searchable link, say the main page, it might not come up. But if you had a separate URL for the best power saw you sell, that has a high chance of coming up with that particular keyword search on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. That customer clicks on your link and buys your power saw. It's that simple!

We want our clients to succeed, and part of succeeding on the Internet is simply being found. We aid you in this by providing search engine optimization for your store, and you don't have to do a thing.

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