Management & Reporting

Enhanced B2B Customer Functionality

Most (if not all) ecommerce solutions focus solely on Business to Consumer relations. However, Business to Business relations is equally as important, even if it doesn’t get all the attention. As a result, we’ve enhanced our B2B customer functionality to help you with the unique challenges and issues of running a B2B company.

Catalog Management

Easily update, delete, or add items with 7cart’s intuitive program. Your products can be as dynamic or as simple as you want them to be – it’s completely up to you. Keep everything in order according to manufacturer, type, or even user rating. 7cart also allows batch editing so you can customize more products at one time.

User Management

Save your customers’ time by storing their information for later use. Keep their name, address, email, and other pertinent info in our User Management system until they’re ready to order again. Organize by whichever criteria you choose and use the info to send out discounts or promotional emails.

Order Management

Managing your orders is as simple as 1-2-3 with 7cart. You can automatically send out order emails, organize orders by several criteria, and even flag suspicious orders. Streamline the entire process or be as hands-on as you want; it’s all up to you.