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About Mobile Gear:

You work hard. That’s never changed. What has changed is where you work.

The traditional 9-5 office environment has evolved. Your house is an office, the local coffee shop is your conference room...hotel rooms, airports and even your car have become a satellite office.

This expanded mobility creates a need for business products that seamlessly work together in multiple environments. has handpicked the very best in technology and office supplies that help you work effectively. Our curated collection identifies products that are portable, durable, multi-use, and eco-friendly which ultimately saves you time and money by helping you find exactly what you need the first time, every time.

It’s a fast paced and cluttered mobile working world out there. Let us help you navigate it!

We also offer the added value of a Share & Learn resource at There, you can engage directly with the brands you love, log your opinions about our collection, and share best practices and advice with mobile workers just like you.