Audimute Soundproofing

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Logicblock helped us go through a major website redesign project. We were very impressed by the team's approach in creating a terrific roadmap. Planning, organization as well as lead time were exceptional. The launch was flawless, requiring no downtime.

Our objectives and vision were nicely met, and what was most remarkable is that Logicblock was able to incorporate 95% of the new functionality within our existing content management tool allowing us to get the bulk of the work prepared ahead of time on the old platform and bring those features to life seamlessly on the front end in an instant on the launch date.

Logicblock excels at listening closely, delivering a great product and being very sensitive to budgetary constraints for small retailers.

Natasha Davidson - Vice President, Marketing & eCommerce

Audimute Soundproofing has been part of the Logicblock family since 2006 using our 7cart eCommerce solution. Audimute has a unique online business that requires both intuitive navigation for a complicated product line as well as an extensive library of education material for customers to learn about the soundproofing products and solutions they offer.

The wealth of content provided by the Audimute team has been a contributing factor to their success by driving relevant customer to their ecommerce site via the search engines.

We have helped with almost every facet of their online business including ecommerce consulting, storefront design, product page layout and design, custom product pages and categories. Audimute has contributed a huge amount of feedback and has helped refine our solution into what it is today. Also, one of the main people running the online store for Audimute is something of a SEO guru and has given our solution their stamp of approval!

About Audimute Soundproofing:

At Audimute ®, we create sound solutions. Whether you are using our sound proofing at home for soundproofing your garage, basement, home theater or playroom, or you have an industrial sound proofing application such as a woodworking or machine shop, Audimute's line of products really work.

No matter what area you are soundproofing, the sound proofing process
can be complicated, confusing and costly without a professional's help.
Audimute is a family owned soundproofing company famous for superior soundproofing material and unmatched customer service, so when you buy sound proofing from us, our experience and integrity come with it.