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Our Rackspace® Partnership

We require IT hosting solutions and support that are as responsive, reliable, secure, scalable and high performance as humanly and technically possible. Because, ultimately, this is what every one of our customers expects. The solutions and support we rely on cannot be some of these things some of the time. Or even all them some of the time. It must be all of them all of the time. That is why we chose Rackspaces our hosting provider – so the last thing we, or you, need to worry about is the availability and security of our servers.

The Rackspace approach is a simple one, but with remarkable results. For them, it is about more than just the servers. It is about serving their customers, too. So Rackspace built its business around expertly supporting their customers and managing their mission-critical IT environments and infrastructures 24x7x365. Not with just any support, mind you, but with Fanatical Support®.

A Few Reasons Why We Chose Rackspace

Rackspace Is The IT Hosting Leader
We are confident Rackspace will take care of us, so that we can to take care of our customers. For nine years it has proven to be the leader in the hosting industry, setting the standard for what their customers can expect in customer service, technical support, expertise, network uptime and server availability. It’s a standard that no other provider can promise, let alone deliver. Gartner recognizes Rackspace as a leader in the hosting industry. Microsoft has awarded it the coveted Hosting Partner of The Year three times, more than any other provider.

High Availability and High Performance Network
With multiple redundancies built into its systems and numerous network providers delivering strictly high performance bandwidth to its data centers, Rackspace provides network performance and availability unequaled by other providers. That translates into maximum network uptime and reduced performance latencies for all of our customers. The data you need is available whenever you need it.

Built to Quickly Scale to Our Customers’ Needs
Because Rackspace can rapidly scale our hosted environment, we can just as quickly and easily deliver the solutions you need even when our site traffic is abnormally high. It’s more than scaling to address our long-term computing or storage needs. It’s scaling rapidly to meet our unplanned immediate needs. For all intents and purposes, it is scaling on demand.

Backup Solutions That Ensure Our Data’s Availability
Rackspace works with the industry’s top experts and it’s own in-house experts to provide flexible and resilient backup solutions for our data. Should any of our hardware ever fail, our critical information can be restored without complications.

You’re Secure Because Rackspace Is Secure
Rackspace provides maximum protection of our data by covering all three critical areas of security – physical, operational and system security. Rackspace’s commitment to such comprehensive security gives us the confidence to offer our customers the most secure solutions available.